Date: Friday, 12 May 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

The Eisteddfod entry forms will be handed out to students during Form time and House Group meetings. These need to be completed and handed in at Form Time or during House meetings by Tuesday, June 6. The Wearable Arts item must be handed in by 19th June to the Main School Office. The Cultural Leaders and House Leaders will be available during House meetings to answer any questions. 

Please find a list below of the categories you can enter:  

· Prepared Speech (any topic)  - Senior: FOUR minutes  Intermediate and Junior: THREE minutes.

· Impromptu Speech  - (topic given five minutes prior to speaking)

· Senior TWO minutes Intermediate and Junior ONE and a HALF minutes.

· Scripture - An assortment of readings will be provided for each division. Time 1 minute. Students MUST attend a tutorial where they will practice the Scripture selections and have their entry signed off by an R.E Teacher.

· Expressive Reading  - An assortment of fiction extracts for expressive sight reading will be provided for each division. Time: 1 minute - Readings are given out approximately 2 minutes prior.

· Open Poetry - Poem of your choice – recite off by heart (minimum of twelve lines)

· Solo Singing - (Girls and Boys)  Any song –  All backing music must have vocals removed and be burned onto a flashdrive or CD

· Duet Singing - Participants may be from different houses, and the duet must be sung in parts.

· Instrumental  - Any item on any instrument – one instrument, one person judged (one other person to accompany is allowed).

· Composition - Original composition for soloist or ensemble. Score to be included or lyrics and chord chart.

· Ensemble - Group of voices, instruments or both, two or more instruments/people (NOT A DUET).

· Dance - Any dance item by an individual or a group.

· Entertainment  - Short drama, skits, mime, LIP SYNC etc. item should have instant audience rapport.

Guidelines for Entry

  • There is no limit on entries an individual may make, but points can be claimed in each section once only.
  • People from different Houses may combine and split any House points gained.
  • Only those performing in their correct age group section may gain points.
  • Individual/Duo/Ensemble performers and groups with less than 6 performers, each get full marks won.
  • Group performers (6 or more in an item) split any individual points won.
  • Years 7 – 13 COMPULSORY ENTRY  Each student is to enter one item other than their House folk/ House Waiata item.
  • Rosmini House students MUST enter one more item OTHER  than the Hostel item.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me,  Nikki Cunningham - Arts Co-ordinator.


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