Date: Friday, 03 March 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

On Saturday, February 18, Laura Heads, Maegan Mitchell and Emily Irwin had a very early start to head to Roxburgh to compete in the 2017 Agrikids Competition.  Thirty two teams competed over all with eight teams in each round.  Our team named "From the South" drew the 7:30am round which meant we had to be on course for a 7:15am briefing.  The round consisted of a number of modules where we had to work together as a team, problem solve and show our knowledge of primary industries.  We had to put together a beehive, assemble a horses bridle and place it on a model horse, build a farm gate, recognise a number of tools used in a farm environment, names types of honey, milk types and plants as well as determining medicines used for various ailments like mastitis and for drenching, as well as completing a general knowledge quiz.  We finished in 12th position overall, not quite making it into the top seven to compete in the final.  We learnt a lot from the experience and gained an insight into the types of activities the TeenAg competitors were completing and also saw some of the Young Farmers competition in action.  We would like to thank our sponsors, McDonough Contracting, HeadSafe, Bayley’s and Paramount Rams who dressed us in team sweatshirts and our team Mums and Dads for getting us motivated to participate.  We would recommend anyone with some farming knowledge giving this competition a go, it is lots of fun.

Janine Heads - HELA Science


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