Date: Friday, 12 May 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers in our school community. We certainly hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday and that families take the time to show their true appreciation for everything that you do for them. This Sunday, let us also remember the most blessed and influential of all mothers, Mary the mother of Jesus.

Being a mother is certainly a privilege and, although some days it may not feel like it, the parenting that you have done at home for the many years prior to your children entering Year 7 with us has had a huge influence. These days we often talk about resilience and the building of it but, from our perspective as educators – and the days when we take on the role of counsellor, social worker, and surrogate parent!! – the values you instill in your children before we meet them, provide the framework they will use to be resilient and navigate their teenage years. Although it may feel like you have less control over their decision making as teenagers, they are actually carrying your influence with them all the time. So we thank you for the work you have been putting in as mothers for many years because it makes our lives as educators much easier.

Speaking of parenting, this week many of us enjoyed listening to Nathan Mikaere Wallis talking about brain development in teenagers and how this influences thinking and learning, as well as the effect of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain. Quite simply, the message was that consuming alcohol or taking drugs prior to the age of 18 is effectively causing brain damage that will last well into adulthood. The developing brain does not cope with alcohol or drugs well at all and after all the work we do as parents in the early years to ensure our children are physically, mentally and emotionally safe from harm, we need to consider why we then allow it to be undone in this way. I am sure that the parents and students who heard this information have been thinking long and hard about some of the messages from Nathan’s presentation. Thank you to Mr Darren Jack who organised Nathan’s visit to school and to the PTFA for funding the wonderful breakfast we shared.

Thank you to all of you who attended the Parent Teacher Conferencing afternoon on Wednesday. We had an excellent attendance and many very useful conversations were had. If you were not able to attend or wish to follow up with particular teachers, please feel free to ring the office and ask for a phone call appointment. Many parents took the opportunity to log in to the Parent portal and learn how to access the fortnightly reports. If this is still causing you some difficulty the office staff are very happy to lead you through the process over the phone. Teachers spend considerable time every two weeks grading and commenting on the students they teach and they value the fact that you then look at these results and have conversations at home with your children should they need it.

Have a blessed Mothers’ Day.

Kate Nicholson

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