Date: Friday, 29 September 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Practice (Derived Grade) exams for Years 11–13 will run from Monday, 16th – Friday, 20th October 2017

Morning exams begin at 9.30 am, afternoon at 1.30 pm

These exams are very important because:

You, your teacher and your parents can see how your progress is going towards the external exams in November.  Results from these exams will be sent home after the exams have been marked.

They allow you to practise being in a formal examination environment, the way it will happen in November.

You are expected to manage your study time before and during the exam period.

These exams are important because if you are unable to sit the actual exam in November the grades that you are awarded will be based on the grade that you obtain in these practice exams.

Most exams are in the Hall and an external supervisor is being employed to supervise these. 

We know that you will treat her respectfully.

Some subjects will have their exams in classrooms.  Check carefully that you know where your exam is and the exact time to be there.

You are to stay for a set time depending on the number of standards your teacher has put in your package:

1 standard – stay for a minimum of 1.5  hours
2 or more standards – stay for the whole time 3 hours

You may bring in study materials, a book to read, revision practice for another subject which will be put on the floor beside you.  This can be used once you have completed your exam and after your script has been handed in.  It is expected that you will not distract others after completing your exam.

If you don’t have an exam, you may stay at home to study.  A study room will be provided at school if you wish/need to stay.  This will be E2.

Normal school rules apply during exam week, especially regarding driving cars to and from school.

If you are unable to attend your exam, you must contact the Office before 9 am.

Important Information for the Exams

Do not bring:

· cellphones/pagers

· digital watches (and turn off watch alarms)

· MP3 players

· iPods

· electronic translators and dictionaries

· hooded puffer jackets

· no blazers or jackets worn to toilet

· no paper hankies in sealed packs or open (school supply these)

· no food or sweets

· no twink/whiteout etc (cross out work not to be marked)

What to bring? You must bring all necessary equipment

In a clear plastic bag - pens/pencils/approved calculator (with new batteries and a spare set, or even a spare calculator, memory cleared) - you are not permitted to share equipment in the exam.

Water bottle - clear bottle with no writing on it (max of 1 litre).

An emergency evacuation pack in a clear sealable bag. Contents could include a cell phone (switched off), keys, wallet and medicines. This bag stays under your chair and may not be touched or opened without the permission of the supervisor.

All students are to wear correct school uniform.  Failure to wear the uniform correctly may result in you having to change, and therefore having reduced time for your exam.

You will need to be in the Fishbowl 20 minutes before the exam begins.  This is important as it allows time to enter the venue and have instructions read prior to the start time. SAC students who have exams in other venues to meet Ms Scorgie at the Office.

Morning exams begin at 9:30am, afternoon at 1:30pm unless prior arrangements have been made.  You will be called in to the hall one row at a time. You must sit in the order specified.

As you enter the exam room – there is NO TALKING permitted.

Sit and wait for Mrs Pinckney to give you the general instructions, and the instruction that you may now begin.

If you communicate (talk, eye contact, noises etc.) with any other candidate during the exam Mrs Pinckney is required to fill in a form notifying your subject teacher of this.

If you need to go to the toilet you need to put your hand up and wait until a supervisor gives you permission to leave the Hall.

The Supervisor - Mrs Pinckney will make the decision when you are permitted to leave.

At the end of the exam Mrs Pinckney will give you instructions regarding handing in of papers. No one may leave until all papers have been collected and Mrs Pinckney will tell you when you may leave - NO TALKING until this time.

When you leave the exam venue you are to leave the school grounds or go to the study room.

Be aware that the Hall may be cold due to the outside weather.  Ensure you have a warm layer to put on if this happens, but do not bring other items (eg rugs, cushions, hot water bottles etc.)

If you have two exams in the day, make sure you bring a nutritious lunch.

Any problems, see Mrs Bridgman

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