Date: Thursday, 02 April 2015
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

St Peter’s College has been involved in a biannual exchange of students from Ratcliffe College in England since 2010.  Both schools are keen to continue the exchange and St Peter’s is in discussions with Ratcliffe College at the moment for this to continue. At present Ratcliffe College are sending a group of students and a staff member during Weeks One to Three, Term 4 (Sunday, 11th October to Thursday, 29th October, 2015). Those students/families who can help accommodate these students will be considered first for the return journey. The proposed dates are:

Leave NZ 13th April 2016 for Rome

Arrive in UK 18th April. Stay in London until 22nd April.

Arrive at Ratcliffe Friday afternoon 22nd April until Wednesday afternoon 4th May, where we will travel to London for the night then leaving for New Zealand Thursday evening.

Arrive back in New Zealand Saturday, 7th May.

These are only proposed dates; however they are the dates that Mrs Perniskie and Mr Kotkamp think would work for us.

This exchange is targeted at Year 8 and 9 students (in 2015). It is also a self-funded trip (parental commitment to sort out payment), where the school will not assist with funding or fundraising. If you are interested in this exchange for your child then we would like your child to write a brief letter of application indicating how he/she has shown commitment to their studies, any co-curricular contributions at St Peter’s College and also if they have shown leadership at school or the wider St Peter’s Community. Mrs Nicholson and two teachers whose children are not directly involved in applying for this trip will be selecting the children.

Please put letter in box mark ‘Ratcliffe 2016’ at the Main School Office by 3:30pm, Tuesday, 21st April.

Anne Perniskie and Ronnie Kotkamp



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