Date: Friday, 09 June 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Last Monday, the Year 12 Physics class were given an opportunity to both revise for their upcoming practice physics external exam and to become armed with new skills to defend themselves, with a visit from Emily Hall, a woman from the University of Otago Physics Department.  Emily and her two sons, Riley and Keagan, visited our class for four periods, teaching our class a variety of Karate moves, stances, blocks, kicks and punches, all the while explaining how these moves had physics aspects related to them.  Our class revised ideas such as momentum and saw how changing the mass (i.e. putting our whole body into punches) effected the momentum (p=mv).  Another concept that we revised was impulse, where the class saw how changing the impact time impacted on the force that they felt when it came to punches they received. Armed with this knowledge, the Year 12 Physics class are ready to go on and not only defend themselves against attackers but defend themselves from those tough NCEA questions!   Many thanks to Riley, Keagan, and Emily Hall as well as Mrs Heads for organising this ‘Fight like a Physicist’ unit as I thoroughly enjoyed this ‘physics with a kick’.

Sian Hutchins - Year 12

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