Date: Friday, 21 February 2014

This week we commissioned our new Ministers of the Eucharist and the Year 13 Leaders at the College’s Opening Mass. It is always heartening to witness a large group of parents and wider family members attending these celebrations and enjoying each other’s company over a shared lunch which was catered for by our PTFA – thank you.  It was also a blessing to have Fr Michael Hill representing the Rosminian Order, Sister Helen O’Neill representing the Mercy Sisters, and Tony Hanning, the Director of the Catholic Education Dunedin Diocese, with us on Wednesday.  These people have shown great loyalty to the College over a long period of time and we value their ongoing support. 

Commitment to servant leadership is a big ask of anyone. Our Year 13 students have undergone a number of training sessions for leadership over the past six months and we have been very impressed by the commitment to the College they are showing. We are asking our leaders to serve the school through their leadership. When they are living in a society where the title, prestige and salary of leadership jobs is often the draw card for applicants, it is refreshing to hear the students identify true leadership with people like Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. I think they are very aware that leadership is a real privilege, but at the same time it is a huge responsibility to those they are leading. We are all leaders in some way – whether at home, amongst friends, as part of community groups, in business or as a parent or older sibling. I think the most important part of any leadership, no matter how small, is keeping Jesus Christ and his teachings at the heart of all decision making.


Loving God, you have given us the example of servant leadership in Jesus.  He became the servant of all. May we have the grace to follow in his footsteps in all that we do. Amen.

In the last newsletter we profiled new staff to the school.  Other changes which happened at the end of 2013 were:

¨ Mrs Amanda Kotkamp has returned to us to teach a year 9 English class for 2014

¨ Mrs Mandy Pearce has secured the HELA English position  to replace Mrs Fraser who has gone to Roxburgh Area School

¨ Mrs Glenys Robinson is the new teacher in charge of the Library

¨ Mr George Arthur is the teacher in charge of the Arts learning area for 2014

We thank you all for your commitment to the school and for taking on these new ventures.  We wish you all every success.

This week there is an extra part to the newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading a little of the wonderful things happening in our junior school.  

Nga mihi and God Bless 

Kate Nicholson




























































































Kate Nicholson - Principal



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