Date: Friday, 31 October 2014

Key Messages

  • Students will be able to access the Learner login area of the NZQA website to view their NCEA results in mid-January 2015 and their NZ Scholarship results in mid-February.

  • Printed NCEA result notices will not be distributed to all learners automatically. Learners who require a summary printed result notice must request one from the Learner login between the beginning of October and 31 December 2014.   

  • NZ Scholarship result notices will be distributed to all candidates in February 2015. 

    NCEA results

  • The Learner login will be NZQA’s primary medium for publishing results.

  • Printed result notices will only be sent to learners on request. Only those students without internet access to view their results should request a summary printed result notice.

  • The facility to request a result notice will be available on the Learner-login area from the beginning of October to 31 December 2014. Learners may supply an alternative address for the delivery of the result notice. There is no charge.

  • Learners at schools in the Cook Islands and Niue will automatically receive a printed result notice.

  • New Zealand schools with concerns about their learners’ access to online results should contact their School Relationship Manager.

  • Reconsideration and Review forms will continue to be available from the Learner-login area only.

    New Zealand Scholarship results

  • All learners entering NZ Scholarship in 2014 will receive a result notice in February 2015.

  • The NZ Scholarship results display on the Learner login and the paper result notice will contain award information where appropriate.

  • Reconsideration and Review forms and NZ Scholarship monetary award application forms (where appropriate) will be available from the website only.

    Digital return only of NZ Scholarship booklets

  • Candidates will have access to NZ Scholarship answer booklets and assessment schedules, excluding Technology, digitally via YouPost, following the release of NZ Scholarship results.

  • YouPost registration letters will be sent to NZ Scholarship candidates during the week commencing 20 October 2014.

    Please note: The physical (paper) booklet will not be returned to NZ Scholarship candidates.

    Certificates, School Results Summaries, Records of Achievement

  • Certificates, School Results Summaries and Records of Achievement can be requested from the Learner login for standard delivery in 15-20 days.

  • The first copy of each of these documents is free, but additional copies will cost $15.30 each.



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