Date: Friday, 04 August 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

It wasn’t quite as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be, although I’m also not afraid to admit my heart was pounding!  Especially  when I’d gotten to Round 10 AND I was one of the last three left.

At first the words they threw at us were relatively simple, like “fragment” and “sapphire”.  But after a while we all started dropping off, especially near the end when the words became “chrysalis” and “deification”.  By that time, three of the five contestants went down - me being one of them sadly enough.  Should’ve known they were going to throw “occurrence” at me - it looks normal with just the one “r” doesn’t it.

But regardless of missing a chance at the finals (getting a close 3rd), I have to say the Spelling Bee was one of the best things I’ve ever taken part in.  The people there were really cool and I learned a few words I’d never heard of before.  Basically I took a lot from the whole experience.

To any Year 9 or 10’s considering participating next year, I know you’ll have an amazing time.  You could meet some lovely people (might even make a few friends), and learn a few words while you’re there (for future use in your essays or stories).  I definitely would recommend this opportunity to ANYONE.  I mean even if your spelling’s a bit rusty (like mine) it’s honestly really worth a try to test your limit, no matter what.

Many thanks to Mrs Pearce for taking me up to Dunedin and the other Year 9’s who came by to support me (you know who you are).

Ronan Chay



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