Date: Friday, 20 March 2015

Stage Challenge is on Friday, 8th May this year and will take place at the Civic Theatre, Invercargill. It is a student-led dance and drama competition which involves over one hundred students (a quarter of our school) due to both the onstage and offstage (lighting, make-up, costuming, sets, budgeting/fundraising) requirements. On the day of the actual performance we will spend the entire day in Invercargill practising. This is a very exciting cultural opportunity for students and will help form skills such as confidence, team work, commitment and leadership. The theme of our Stage Challenge performance is “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover”. We plan to prove the perceived stereotypes of Gore wrong through our Stage Challenge performance by having a dance scene on each of the wonderful experiences that Gore offers. It is not too late to get involved so give it a go! If any parents are interested in assisting with hair, make-up or with making costumes, please let us know by ringing the School Office.

Erika Burdon - Leader of Culture


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Street Address: 121 Kakapo Street, Gore, Southland, New Zealand
Postal Address: P O Box 94, Gore 9740
Telephone: (03) 208 9060
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