Date: Friday, 30 June 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

The Year 13 Chemistry class travelled to Dunedin to use the newly erected Mellior Labs at Otago University in order to determine the salinity levels of water in the Oreti Estuary.  These laboratories were so fancy. Each station had an IPad and the seats at each station had brakes, which was pretty impressive.  After six hours in the lab, the first day was finished.  Before dinner, we went to the Wauwhau to buy each others ‘formal dress’ (at a cost of no more than $5) for the evening when we  wore them to the restaurant ‘Great Taste’ for some kai.   We were served the most delectable morsels tasted by human kind.  Later on, we returned to the 5-star accommodation at Dunedin Holiday Park, where we played the largest, most action-packed game of spoons ever played by a Year 13 Chemistry class.  The next day we returned to the labs, far more focused and conscious of what we had to complete.  At the end of another long day we made the long trek home.  The experience of working in the Chemistry labs at the University will be beneficial for those of us heading to Dunedin next year.

Kia Ora rawa atu to Mrs Heads and Mr Winsloe for taking us on the wildest ride of our lives.

Written by the year 13 Chemistry Class



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