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On the day in May 2015 that she released a single from her first album and it went straight to Number 1 in the NZ Country Music Chart, Jenny Mitchell took a break in her school day to talk about herself, her music and her school.

With the imminent launch of her debut album “The Old Oak”, Jenny is building on the musical success she has already enjoyed.  At just 16 she has already won a string of country music awards and in 2014 competed in the national TV series “NZ’s Got Talent” where she took third place.


Currently a Year 12 student at St Peter’s College, she joined the school in 2010 from St Mary’s.  At first, like her peers, she was overwhelmed with the size of the place and the sheer number of people. 

Coming from a local farming family, she describes herself as “outdoorsy”.  From an early age she loved riding the horses and feeding the pet lambs on the farm and on the sports field was keen on netball, but her first love was always singing.  Dad, Ron, was a country singer and that got her interested when she was just 4 and it grew from there.

When she started at senior school, she kept her two lives as separate as possible, fitting in her music where she could around the demands of the school year and only taking time off for big events.

She has always set herself high standards, both in her music and her school work, doing extra study to reach high academic goals to compensate for the demands of her singing career.

Jenny wants to achieve university entrance, so needs to do well in her exams, but feels that she might take a gap year after school, maybe move to Christchurch to concentrate on musical performance for a year.

Taking part in NZ’s Got Talent on TV gave her a taste of what a successful musical career could be like and proved an eye opener into where hard work could take her in this profession.

Of her school years so far, she says the best part has been making so many good friends and the amazing support she has had from the staff, with their positive “you can do it” attitude.

Coupled with the support in school has been that from the local community.  Gore may be a small town, but especially after she appeared on TV, they came out in force to encourage her and she has really appreciated all the local backing.

Jenny is already well travelled, having stayed with her extensive family in Ireland and has visited other parts of Europe, America, Hong Kong and Australia and recently taken part in the very successful St Peter’s history trip to Vietnam. She has drawn on her own personal experiences in her song writing, something that can only add an authenticity and honesty to her music. 

So what does the future hold for this singing, song writing school girl?  In ten years time she is hoping that she will have done some more travelling, gained a degree in “something” and become a full time musician.

In the meantime she has to launch an album and PASS YEAR 12.

Contact Details

Street Address: 121 Kakapo Street, Gore, Southland, New Zealand
Postal Address: P O Box 94, Gore 9740
Telephone: (03) 208 9060
Fax: (03) 208 0000

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