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Paul Borgman 1976-1983                                                                                                                                    

Paul Borgman is enjoying school now more than he did as a pupil forty years ago.

As a current member of the St Peter’s College Board of Trustees, he shares in the responsibility for school governance and strategic planning.  Now into his second term on the Board, he is keenly aware that their mission is to ensure that they provide the very best quality education with the available resources.  As he observes, the outcome of all the policies and planning is “the student” and how they turn out.

As a student himself, Paul was the youngest in a family of seven children.  The Borgmans had emigrated from Holland to New Zealand in 1953.  A staunchly Catholic family, they first arrived at Port Chalmers by ship and after almost a year in Dunedin, moved to Gore.  Mr Borgman Snr. worked as a dental technician in the Fairfield Dental building and daughters Carol and Yvonne were first day pupils at St Peter’s College.

Paul started his education at St Mary’s and remembers when the old building burned down.  When he moved up to senior school he didn’t enjoy a very auspicious start - being a victim of bullying and didn’t particularly relish school work either in the early years. He did enjoy the photography club and spending time in the library and outdoor education trips to Borland Camp. He has good memories of Brother Ted’s science lessons and of kindly support from the staff when his father passed away in 1981.

By the time he reached his final years at the school things had improved for him, with access to the Common Room, more privileges and good friends, Paul was enjoying the experience more, but had no clear goal in mind for a future career.  His mother wouldn’t let him leave school until he had a job to go to, so Paul got a position as a parts assistant at the Ford dealership in Gore. This went well until the dealership folded in 1986 and he was made redundant.  Signing on with an employment agency he found a new role as an insurance representative with NZI.  Paul had found his niche and went on to become an insurance manager, working with the company for over fifteen years.  An opportunity then arose to set up as an insurance broker in his own right and he still runs this established business in the town.

Now married to Jo, who is part of the administrative team at St Peter’s, Paul’s life is very family focussed and his two sons are current pupils at the school.  He feels strongly that Gore is an ideal place to bring up children and the family enjoy a rural lifestyle close to the town, where they keep alpacas and chickens.

Paul is enthusiastic about the animals, maintaining that alpacas make ideal pets, as well as providing high quality fibre to sell.  Apart from shearing, nail trimming and an annual dose of vitamins, they need little more that their food and make great companions.

When he left school, Paul didn’t go a big OE round the world, but sees that as a goal for when his two sons leave home and he and Jo have more time on their hands. In the meantime, by staying in the town, sending his sons to his old school and serving on the Board of Trustees, Paul has given a great vote of confidence both to Gore and to St Peter’s College. 

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