Positive Behaviour for Learning - PB4L

The Ministry of Education has in the last few year’s evaluated programmes that national and international research and practice have shown make a difference for students and lead to improved academic and behavioural outcomes for students. St Peter’s College has invited to and accepted the offer to be part of the Mataura Valley Cluster of schools that are part of this project.

What is PB4L?

PB4L is a SCHOOL-WIDE decision making framework that guides the decisions we make as a school on how best to achieve key social and learning outcomes for all student and prevent the development of problem behaviours It is not a programme It is a bringing together of existing and proven practices to fit the St Peter’s culture It is a reaffirmation of our existing Pastoral Care philosophy 


The traditional response to school problem behaviours includes increased monitoring, review of the rules, more unpleasant consequences, zero tolerance etc. etc.  Getting tough is not always the answer as research shows. Look at our increasing prison population. The good-news is we can teach appropriate behaviours and set expectations accordingly. If the student does not have the skills we can teach them as we would in any programme. The word ‘discipline’ comes from the Greek; to teach.  We want to treat academic leaning and social learning in the same way.

Major Components

  • A consistent approach to regulating students in our school based on our ‘Right Relationships’ philosophy grounded in the Gospel Values
  • Positively stated expectations for students and staff Procedures for teaching these expectations 
  • A reinforcement system for encouraging students to demonstrate and maintain these expectations 
  • A continuum of logical consequences for students to discourage problem behaviour  

So what’s new?
A comprehensive training programme SCHOOL-WIDE and on-going professional support A school team to oversee the process A training programme that goes on for at least three years TIME to review and implement 

Click this link to read more about PB4L from the  Ministry of Education.

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