Date: Friday, 06 November 2015

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded at the Rotary Young Achievers evening.

Joshua Potter

Joshua has achieved considerable success in the sporting arena.  During his first two years at St Peter’s College Joshua has showcased his exceptional talent by competing successfully at local, regional and national levels.

In 2014 and 2015 Joshua was the St Peter’s College Athletics Champion for his age group.  He has set a new school record for the 1500m in the Under 11 and Under 12 age groups.  He continued his good form in the Southland Primary School Athletics Sports where he was placed first in both the 1500m and 800m for two consecutive years.  He was rewarded for his efforts by being named the Southland Junior Athletics Champion in 2014 and 2015.  At the South Island Colgate Games in both 2014 and 2015 Joshua again competed with success picking up gold medals in both the 1500m and 800m.

Not surprisingly, Cross Country is another discipline where Joshua succeeds.  He is the current St Peter’s College Cross Country Champion.  In 2014 and 2015 he gained first place at the Southland Primary Schools’ Cross Country, and this year Joshua challenged himself by competing in an older age group (Southland Secondary Schools’ Under 14 category) and successfully took out the title.  In 2014 Joshua was placed eighth in the New Zealand Cross Country Championships.

Although it is hard to imagine Joshua fitting much else into his busy schedule, he also excels in Football.  In 2014 he played in the Eastern 11th Grade A team where he was name Most Valuable Player and the Junior Wanderers 12th Grade Player of the Year.  In 2015, Joshua played in the Eastern Southland 12th Grade team and was fortunate to be selected for the New Zealand Football National Talent Centre (one of only 28 players to be selected from the South Island).

Joshua enjoys helping out on the farm and is an active member of the Gore Harriers Club.  His unique ability, among Southland boys, to speak Japanese fluently adds bilingualism to the mix, making Joshua a worthy recipient of this award.

Joshua is an outstanding Young Achiever, his commitment and determination to succeed certainly epitomize the values we hold at St Peter’s College.

We are proud to acknowledge Joshua as a Rotary Young Achiever for St Peter’s College.

Emily Chamberlain

Emily is a mature student who is an active learner taking pride in her many successes.  Her strong work ethic enables her to achieve excellent results across a range of areas.

An outstanding student; in 2014 she received prizes for first in Religious Education, Social Studies and Visual Arts and deservedly received a diligence award.  She was also recognised by the Year 13 class in 2014 and was awarded the Young Achiever of the Year Award.  This year Emily was a member of the St Peter’s College Kids Lit Quiz Team that gained a very creditable second place in the Southland-wide competition.  Emily enjoys a challenge and has entered both the Social Science Fair and the ICAS Science Competition.

Emily plays a number of sports.  In 2014 Emily was a member of the Collier under 13 Hockey Team, and this year she was captain of the Eastern Festival under 13 Hockey Team.  She gives back to the community by coaching a Year 3 and 4 hockey team.  Emily is a competitive swimmer and, in 2014, was placed third in the Junior Swimming Sports at St Peter’s College.  Discus is a discipline that Emily excels in, gaining first place at the Eastern Athletics and fourth at the Southland Primary Athletics this year. 

Culture is another area of success for Emily.  In 2014 and 2015 she was the St Peter’s College Junior Eisteddfod Champion.  Last year Emily gained first place in the Eastern Southland Venture Southland Speech Competition and continued through to the Venture Southland Speech Competition where she again experienced success by being placed second.  In 2015 Emily solidified this by being a finalist in the Venture Southland Competition.  Emily was a member of the Year Eight debating team where she was given the honour of being named ‘Best Speaker’.

Although Emily is an extremely busy young lady she involves herself fully in school life.  Last year she was part of the cast for the Junior Production ‘Fairy Tales’ and has been a member of the St Peter’s College Student Council.  This year Emily is a representative on the Gore Youth Council.  On Sundays, Emily is an altar server at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

Emily is highly respected by her peers and was chosen by staff and pupils to attend the Halogen Young Leaders’ Day in Dunedin earlier this year.  Her engaging personality and friendly manner make her a respected student at St Peter’s College.

An outstanding Young Achiever and we are proud to acknowledge Emily as a Rotary Young Achiever for St Peter’s College.

Harriett Cuttance

Harriett is a talented pupil who displays a high degree of determination to achieve her goals.  She has achieved considerable success across the academic, cultural and sporting fields.

Academically, Harriett gained a first class placing for Dance/Drama and a diligence award in 2014.  In 2015 Harriett entered the Asia Wise and Social Studies fairs where she gained Merit Awards.  She was a member of the St Peter’s College SMAC Maths Team for 2015.  Harriett enjoys the challenge of entering international Maths and Science competitions where she has also gained success.

Culturally, Harriett was a member of the St Peter’s College Stage Challenge team which was placed a very creditable third in the Southland-wide competition.  She was also one of a trio of Year Eight girls who won the Junior Lip Synch Section at the school Eisteddfod.  Harriett was also nominated by her teachers and peers in 2014 to attend the GATE Leadership Course.

Sport is an area where Harriett truly excels.  In 2014 and 2015 Harriett represented Eastern in netball, and this year was given the honour of being the Captain of the Eastern Year Eight team.  She has recently passed the Umpire Centre Test Banks which is the first theory component of umpiring netball.  Harriett gives up her time on Saturdays to umpire in our local Eastern Southland competition.

During the summer Harriett plays tennis.  In 2014, Harriett won the Eastern Southland Primary Schools’ Championship.  She continued through to the Southland Primary Schools’ Championship and after successfully winning the title, represented the province at the South Island Primary Schools’ Championship.  She will defend her title in the upcoming Southland Primary Schools’ Championship, having recently won the Eastern Southland Primary Schools’ Championship.  For the last two years, Harriett has been a member of the Southland Under 12 Tennis team.

Harriett plays basketball and cricket and has competed at a representative level in Athletics.

Harriett is an outstanding Young Achiever.  Her range of talents make her a very valued member of the St Peter’s College community.  She lives out our school values of commitment, community and compassion in her daily school life.



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