Date: Thursday, 28 May 2015
Posted by: Joanne Borgman



It is hard to believe we are nearly halfway through the year already. After many viruses going around school during the last few weeks, it is timely that students (and staff!) have the chance to re-energise this long weekend

All students will be taking part in the annual workday this Friday. Unlike many schools that have a workday to raise funds solely for the school, St Peter’s College uses this opportunity to develop a sense of social justice in our students. It is important that, as future decision makers in the world, our graduates leave us with a sense of strong social justice and a sense of the greater good. This year, as always, some of the funds raised will be given to the Rosminian school in Tanzania, to Alini (our school sponsored child from the Philippines) and to Caritas NZ to help with aid for Nepal and Vanuatu. Some of the funds will also stay in the school to help contribute to the signage on the new school van that the PTFA have committed recent fundraising to.  The Catholic Education Office in New Zealand has set one of its goals to be developing ‘dynamic graduates from our school who are committed to promoting the Good News in its various dimensions, with emphasis on evangelisation, service, community and social justice’. Work day is another small but practical way St Peter’s can help this be achieved.

Learning, learning, learning!

There has been plenty of contextual learning happening at St Peter’s College over the last couple of weeks. You can read about the biology trip  in the latest newsletter. Below are two other examples of the learning currently happening at school.

Year 10 Market Day

The Year 10 Commerce class held their Market Day on Friday, 22nd May in the School Hall. It was the commination of the 'hands on' unit of work where students are actively involved in their learning.  Students work in groups to design, produce and sell a product of their choice. The learning is student-centred where each group is responsible for making their own decisions, problem solving, meeting deadlines, preparing a plan, relating to others and engaging with the school community. This year's market day was amazing and well supported by all members of the St Peter's community. The hall was packed and many people enjoyed the wide range of food available from hamburgers, American hotdogs to real fruit ice cream and milkshakes, to name a few.

Anzac Parcels

We were learning about life in New Zealand in 1914 and the impact the war had on both those at home and the soldiers.  We researched lots of information to create an authentic parcel for an ANZAC soldier.  We had to find out about conditions in the trenches to decide what to include and also how they spoke at the time so that our letter to the soldier sounded like it come from 1915.  We found it much easier to learn the information when we had a real purpose for it. Written by Shaquille Gulliver-Curry - Year 7

Kate Nicholson - Principal


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