Date: Friday, 15 September 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

All of the Year 8 students travelled to Manapouri to get on a boat and head to the Deep Cove camp. We all then got on a bus for the last leg of the journey to the Deep Cove Hostel. Once we got to the hostel, Billy, the Hostel Manager told us the rules and regulations of being at Deep Cove. After Billy’s talk we went for a walk to Helena Falls and on the way we walked over a swing bridge and saw lots of wildlife like wekas. For a night activity we got put into groups and had to make a cake showing regenerating forests. After we had eaten our cake we went for a walk down the road and saw glow worms and then went further down the road to listen to kiwis respond to the kiwi caller. The next day we went for a huge walk to see the two tail races from the Manapouri Power Station. Then we walked even further up to Stella Falls.  After eating chocolate, we walked another hour and a half back down the road to the Hostel.  After lunch we were put into two groups; one group went fishing and the other group did a confidence course. With the confidence course, they did it first being able to see then on the second time through they were blind folded and you had to rely on people you might not trust. After afternoon tea they swapped the two groups over. Later that night Michael Kotkamp (Mr Kotkamp’s brother) talked to us about being a scientist in Antarctica. The next day we went up to the viewing point and had a look at Helena Falls again as it had rained heaps over night and it was so much bigger than it had been the first day we saw it. Then we went on a 3 hour cruise out to the Tasman Sea. This was awesome as we saw a baby seal and some really cool waterfalls. After that we were put into two different groups; with one group fishing while the other did a nature walk where we were taught about different plants and trees. Our night activity involved a really long rope and the parents jumping out and scaring us. In the morning we all had to do something to help tidy up and sort out sandwiches for lunch. Once the Hostel was clean, we loaded the bus and headed back to the boat for the ride back to Manapouri. The first class that went on camp got sunny weather, the second class got wet weather and the final class got snowy weather and had a snowball fight on the way home.

Written by Brylea Eaves and Katelyn Stanton-Gerken


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