Date: Friday, 18 August 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Following the recent ERO visit,the comfirmed report will be available on the ERO website and our own school website next week.  The Board of Trustees are very pleased with this report in particular that the progress that has been made over the last three years has been recognised and that we are being strongly encouraged to continue in this direction on these initiatives.   The report acknowledges that our pastoral care and success for Maori students is particularly strong and that our overall student achievement is very high.  All recommendations were already underway prior to the ERO visit and it is affirming that our own evaluations had already identified these areas.   The Board wish to thank Kate Nicholson, the Senior Leadership Team, Teachers and all staff for the huge amount of work that they have done in relation to the ERO visit.  To have to prepare and supply all this additional work on top of the usual busyness of the school is a big ask.  The ERO team also commented to the Board on how impressed they were with our students – they were welcoming, enthusiastic and passionate about their school, and as parents we can all be proud of them. 

Rhonda Reid - Chairperson Board of Trustees


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