Date: Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

imageSt Peter's College PTFA

This year has been a very busy, productive successful year.  The main item purchased this year was the school van, but funding was also been allocated to various other items/projects. Other resources  that have been passed for payment, but yet to be paid for are: Furniture for the year 7 & 8 rooms $5000 and a fantastic school mural $2250 (please find below the spreadsheet)

Thank you to all of the families/whanau and the St Peter's College School community. Your support with the raffle and the School Fair has been tremendous. This has enabled us provide all of these resources and funding for projects. Congratulations to all.

The School Fair next year will be on 20th March 2016. We know this is extremely successful and will require many helpers for that day.

Thank you to Kate Nicholson and Sam Samson for their words of wisdom and support of the committee.  Earlier this year, they helped organise an opportunity for the students to make a wish list, of what they wanted at school. Staff were also ask to submit ideas. This wish list has been the base list that the committee has reviewed in-depth.  A big task to complete, but a great opportunity for consultation between students and staff and the PTFA. The PTFA are always  looking at how can we help/enhance students on their learning journey at St Peter's College.

Lastly thank you to the awesome committee. It has been a pleasure and honour working with you all this year. After each meeting, I always come away thinking this group is forward thinking, compassionate, innovative and fun. We always welcome new members. It is a great way to be involved with St Peter's College.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing holidays

Kind regards

Jude George - Chairperson


Breakdown of Profit & Donations back to the School 2015
Sale of Uniform shop    $ 48,514.74
Fair       $ 15,755.94
Raffle      $   9,590.41
  Total less expences    $ 73,861.09
Gazebo &Trolleys    $   7,235.97
Van      $ 50,000.00
BBQ      $   1,073.91
Repair Basketball hoop    $   1,147.11
Goals Pro Futsal    $   1,046.95
Boys breakfast    $      566.76
Science Items    $   1,017.12
Beacons-GPS    $   1,041.74
Science Items Crescendo Enterprises DNA protien Model  $   1,157.15
    Heart pumping Model  
  Delta Educational Lung activity Model  
    Animal & Plant cell Models
    Calorimeter cups  
    Prisms, spetroscope etc  
Sports items for Lunch times    $   1,304.35
  Total    $ 65,591.06


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