Date: Friday, 28 October 2016
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Strategic Plan Summary 2015 - 2017


Community Consultation

It is important to us to gain feedback on our performance because you have entrusted your children to us in their ‘Preparation for Life’.

I encourage you to email the office, with any feedback about the current direction of the strategic plan.

  • Mrs Kate Nicholson (Principal)



Strategic Goal

Examples of Progress to Date


(Special Character)



SC1  All staff will develop their understanding of, and model, the Catholic character of St Peter’s College and its charisms

Staff professional learning re the Catholic Social teachings. Mercy and Rosminian charisms, Holy year of Mercy, so these can be included in class teaching



SC2 All teaching and learning, along with extra-curricular activities, will incorporate and model the special character of St Peter’s College


Staff are working on including Catholic Social teachings within their units of work to integrate the Catholic teachings into curriculum



SC3  Partnerships will continue to be built with the wider College community

The Foundation has progressed in organisation on the 50th Jubilee in 2019

Ongoing connections with St Mary’s

Involvement in Masses at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament

Friday lunchtime Masses being said by Fr Damian in the Chapel





TL1 Teaching as Inquiry will be used to support effective classroom practice

A move towards student centred learning rather than teacher centred teaching

Staff all use a consistent model (Teaching as Inquiry) to improve their classroom practice


(Teaching and Learning)


TL2 Communication will be enhanced to support collaborative partnerships between home, school and student


MUSAC Edge has provided a platform for more real time communication with home.

Attitude to Learning reports in place now fortnightly



TL3 Raise achievement levels in junior literacy and numeracy (national standards)


Improving results

Maths long term plan changed in year 7&8 to increase engagement and learning

Use of blended learning to increase engagement in reading and writing



TL4 Increased NCEA and UE achievement

Aspirational goals set. On target to be exceeded in 2016.



TL5 Priority learners including Maori, GATE and IEP students will be engaged in quality teaching and learning experiences resulting in academic success



  • Maori students – kapahaka; achievement monitored termly; Board PD through the Runanga; taking up opportunities as offered by the Hokonui Runanga
  • Gifted and Talented – short course for years 7 – 9
  • IEP – new system developed; more work to continue







P1 Pastoral processes using restorative practices and consistent expectations will reflect the core values of St Peter’s College


Some restorative practice occurring

6 staff fully trained

Expectations explicit around the school



P2   At risk students will be supported through mentoring and personalized programmes so they can experience academic and personal success


Ongoing work by the pastoral team has a ‘wrap-around’ approach ensuring the best people and services are engaged to work with students at risk



P3 Maori learners will achieve academic success while supported by the school to maintain and enhance their identity, language and culture


Maori students – kapahaka; achievement monitored termly; Board PD through the Runanga; taking up opportunities as offered by the Hokonui Runanga




P4   International learners will be integrated successfully into the college and experience positive peer relationships


Director of International Students and homestay coordinator work hard to ensure smooth transitions, best possible achievement and positive integration into the community (eg sports etc)



P5 A focus on building resilience in our learners will be at the forefront of pastoral programmes


Girls’ and Boys’ Breakfasts; Use of speakers where possible

More to be done regarding a seamless approach throughout the college







(Future Focus)


F1 Blended learning (using IT) will enhance student engagement and learning experiences

Year 7 & 8s have own devices

Staff have had training throughout the year to learn skills and integration into teaching units is beginning

Systems work still needs refining (eg practical aspects of devices at school)



F2 Transition experiences between years 6 & 7, years 8 & 9 and senior pathways into further education or employment will be monitored and strengthened to provide student success


HTHS now to offer Level 3 programmes

Ongoing work to develop 3+2 models (3 days at school, 2 days in work or learning)

Review of transition practices to occur this term



F3 Careers guidance programmes will be cohesive from year 7 to year 13

Yet to be developed - continuing



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