Date: Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Article written by Patrick Wightman
After practicing our lines, actions and how to speak like an Elizabethan for the past five or so weeks, the time came for Lucy McDonough, Tayla Marlow, Georgia Johnston, Ciara Doncaster, Brodie Jaeger and me to travel down to Invercargill to become award-winning actors.  The performance itself took place at Verdon College with seven different schools performing that night, each with their own varying degrees of ability.  We were all nervous (not as much as the teachers, who had all the faith in the world in us) and after we had eaten our pizza for tea, there was a definite feeling of tension in the air.  When the time came for us to perform on stage, it all became a bit of a blur. After the eleven minutes were up, and the curtain was pulled, we were all excited.  I was amazed that I had remembered all of my lines without a single stutter, and a small amount of improvisation was pulled off successfully.  Although we did not win, our group had an amazing time. For many of us it was our last year, so it was a fantastic way to bow out to the next generation of future actors of New Zealand. 


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