Date: Friday, 15 April 2016
Posted by: Joanne Borgman


Congratulations to the students who competed in the Catholic Secondary Schools’ Sports Exchange. Please find the results as follows:

Rugby                                                                                                     Boys Hockey

1st                      St Kevin’s College                                                       1st                      St Peter’s College

2nd=                  St Peter’s College                                                        2nd                     Roncalli College

2nd=                  Roncalli College                                                          3rd                      Kavanagh College

4th=                   Verdon College                                                            4th                      Verdon College

4th=                   Kavanagh College                                                       5th                      St Kevin’s College

Netball                                                                                                   Boys Football

1st                      Roncalli College                                                          1st                      Kavanagh College

2nd                     St Peter’s College                                                       2nd=                  St Kevin’s College

3rd                      St Kevin’s College                                                     2nd=                  Verdon College

4th                      Kavanagh College                                                      4th                      St Peter’s College

5th                     Verdon College

Boys Basketball                                                                                   Girls Hockey

1st                      Roncalli College                                                         1st                      St Peter’s College

2nd                     St Kevin’s College                                                     2nd                     St Kevin’s College

3rd                      St Peter’s College                                                      3rd                      Kavanagh College

4th                      Kavanagh College

5th                      Verdon College

Girls Football                                                                                      Girls Basketball

1st                      Kavanagh College                                                     1st                      Verdon College

2nd                     St Kevin’s College                                                    2nd                     Kavanagh College

3rd                      St Peter’s College                                                     3rd                      St Peter’s College

                                                                                                             4th                      St Kevin’s College

Overall winner of the Exchange : St Peter’s College









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