Date: Friday, 24 November 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

End of Year

Friday, 1st December - Year 10 SIT Taster Day

Thursday, 7th December - School will finish for Year 7 - 10 at 3:15pm.

All prize winners will be required to attend the prizegiving practice at the Church of the Bless Sacrament on Friday, 8th December (details below)

Year 7 - 10 Prizegiving recipients will be advised on Wednesday morning, 6th December, so that they can be at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday, 8th December, at 9am for rehearsal.  They will need to make their own way to the Church and arrange someone to pick them up after the rehearsal.  The rehearsal will go for approximately one hour. 

Year 11 - 12 students will be either phoned or emailed if they are to receive a prize.  They will then be expected to be at the Church on Friday, 8th December, at 9:45am for Prizegiving rehearsal. 

All Year 13 students must attend the rehearsal at the church on Friday morning at 10:30am for an hour.

Students can come to the rehearsals in mufti. The Uniform requirement for the ceremony is as follows:

Years 7 - 10 students to wear their full summer uniform. Years 11 –13 to wear formal winter uniform. 

Monday, 11th and Tuesday, 12th December - Teacher Only Days.


Start of Year Dates

Wednesday, 24th, Thursday 25th, and Friday, 26th January - Year 11-13 Course Confirmation

Monday, 29th January - Teachers Only Day

Tuesday, 30th January - Year 13 students and new students in Year 7 & 8

Wednesday, 31st January - All students to start school at 8:45am



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