Date: Friday, 16 September 2016
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

A timely reminder as I am about to go on maternity leave for the next year.  More information on my replacement, Carla Wilson, to come soon. Guidance and counselling is just one of the ways students can seek support at St Peter's College, and is accessible by all students. It is confidential and always in the best interests of the student concerned.

There are a number of reasons counselling could be helpful, for example: having someone neutral to listen, sharing the load when things are getting tough, reducing stress, learning ways to cope with challenges, talking through a problem, helping with decision making, improving organisation, improving relationships etc.  

Students may request an appointment in a variety of ways. The website, enables students to request an appointment online. They can also request an appointment by talking with the guidance counsellor directly, or by texting the Guidance mobile number which is displayed on the door of the Guidance Office. Peer mediation is able to be requested in the same way, where trained senior students can help mediate/resolve social conflicts without adult involvement. Parents/caregivers can also call the school and ask to talk with the Guidance Counsellor if they have concerns about their children. 

Megan Lamb  - Guidance Counsellor




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