Date: Monday, 14 November 2011

We are now heading in to the last few weeks of the term and are completing topics within the Religious Education Programme . The following topics will be taught in theses final weeks:

Year 7: The Holy Spirit in Scripture

The students will learn from Scripture the role of the Holy Spirit. Present at the Creation and speaking through the Prophets, God’s Spirit of love – aroha and truth- pono was with Jesus and with the early Christians as they walked in Jesus’ way, and still remains the life principle of the Church today.

Year 7 will then commence their Sexuality and relationships programme  on November 21.

Year 8: Communion of Saints – Life Death and Christian Hope

The students will focus on the Christian belief that the human person is made up of body and soul, with emotions, intellect and free will. The body of the person dies but the soul which is the spiritual dimension does not die. At the end of time Christ will come again and bring the Kingdom of God to its fullness. This will mean the end of all sorrow, pain  and death. Burial rites for Christian people reflect the hope they have of sharing in the resurrection of Jesus. Respect fro burial rites of others is also important.

Year 9: The Beginnings of the Church in Aotearoa/ New Zealand

The aim of this topic is to make students aware of an to have an appreciation of their spiritual heritage as Catholics in Aotearoa. They will learn about the  indigenous Maori religion, the early Christian missionaries and about Bishop Pompallier ( the first Catholic Bishop of New Zealand and an important advisory to the writing of he Treaty of Waitangi) and the Church in New Zealand.

Year 10: The Teachings of Jesus

This topic explores the manner and content of Jesus’ teachings and the implications of his message today. The topic will outline Jesus’ teaching style, the parables of Jesus, and important sayings of Jesus.

If you wish to know more about what your son/daughter is learning about in Religious Education or the philosophy and principles behind the programme we have two  books that you can purchase through  the Religious Education Department. These are:

The Family Whanau Book for Years 7 & 8

Understanding Faith for Parents for years 9-13

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