Date: Friday, 14 August 2015
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Mathematics has been the focus nationwide in schools this week. Here at St Peter’s College students were offered a number of competitions throughout the week. The ever popular Quiz competition was held for Years 7 & 8, on Tuesday, and Years 9 & 10 on Friday. Students were put into teams of four and for one period they answered maths problems. Congratulations to all the students for their level of participation.

Other competitions that were available this week included Rubik Cube and Connect 4 challenges, design a mathematical postcard, daily quiz questions and guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. The week has culminated with the mufti – day today, where the theme was to dress mathematically.

Students have also been encouraged to log on to the official NZAMT website ( where the students could complete activities as well as play games.

Carolyn Hunter – HELA Mathematics


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