Date: Friday, 08 July 2016
Posted by: Joanne

Last Monday, Isaac Borgman, Jerome Grubb and Ben Tippett went to Otago University to take part in the Otago Information Science Technology competition on behalf of St Peter's College. They were first presented with several technological advancements that the IST team were studying and they then had to incorporate some of these technologies into an idea that solved some sort of everyday problem. During the process of brainstorming, they were shown some projects the other students were doing, many involving the use of Virtual Reality. They then had to present their idea to a panel of judges who examined the ideas in fine detail to see just how much knowledge they had on the technology used. There were many great ideas from all of the other schools present - like sensors in wheelie bins to tell the rubbish man whether bins were full or not, and a sensor that measured air humidity and particles in a house to establish whether the house was safe or not. They all gained a lot of knowledge out of the day and have a much greater understanding of technology now. They would also greatly recommend it to anyone next year.




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