Date: Friday, 24 April 2015
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Welcome back to term 2. I hope you all had a wonderful break over Easter and made the most of time spent with your young people.

The anniversary of the Gallipoli landing is being profiled in many, varied ways at the moment and we were able to contribute to this commemoration at school on Tuesday. During a very moving service, our student council members placed 30 white crosses on the embankment below the Chapel. Each cross has a name on it representing local soldiers and nurses killed during World War I. Corporal Aaron Horrell spoke to the students about his own 'tours of duty' and the reality of war as it affected him. There are a large number of our community who have been affected by wars and active duty in some way during the last century and I am sure this was in the minds of many as the service was held on Tuesday. The current  global situation continues to bring the reality and cruelty of war to us on a daily basis through the media and we should continue to pray for our armed services in New Zealand that they will be spared these realities, especially as some of our very recent students are now serving in these forces.   Our Head Students will represent our past and present students as they lay a wreath at the dawn parade in Gore this weekend.

God of love and liberty, we bring our thanks this day for the peace and security we enjoy, which was won for us through the courage and devotion of those who gave their lives in time of war. We pray that their labour and sacrifice may not be in vain, but that their spirit may live on in us and in generations to come. We pray that the liberty, truth and justice which they sought to preserve may be seen and known in all our actions. This we pray in the name of the one who gave his life for the sake of the world, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Kate Nicholson - Principal



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