Date: Friday, 01 September 2017
Posted by: Joanne Borgman

Today we were lucky enough to have a former student Bryony Harrison come visit us.  She spoke about what we can expect in our first year of University and how we can best prepare ourselves.  This was incredibly helpful for those who are intending on going to University next year.  Bryony is in her fifth year of study and is currently a third year medical student.

Along with her intense studies, she is also completing a PhD, where she is the only one in her year who has had the opportunity to do this. 

She first went to nursing and after one year she felt she wanted more of a challenge so moved to midwifery.  However, she wanted to extend herself even more so moved into Health Science.  This showed us that we don’t need to have everything set in concrete to begin with and it is ok to change your mind to figure out what works for you.  

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