Year 12 Business Studies Trip

Posted Wednesday June 14, 2023

The teams had to cover key business concepts specific to their startups, such as their Vision, Values and Goals, Marketing and sales, production, finance, and why their idea is innovative.

This was a ‘Dragon's den’ type scenario, where the team’s pitch was followed by a Q and A session with the judges. Investment Capital was up for grabs, so the pressure was on!

Congratulations to 'Better Breathe', 'Big Buck Pies', 'IMPRYL', and 'G.O.A.T Soap' for presenting on the day. Another group – ‘Blissful Jumps’ are yet to present, and we eagerly anticipate their pitch in the coming weeks.

A big congratulations to 'G.O.A.T Soap' who were acknowledged with an ‘Up and coming’ award.

Finally, to our wider school community, you will be hearing a lot more about these young entrepreneurs in the near future, so keep an eye/ear out for their products; you won’t be disappointed!

Year 12 Business Studies Trip — Image by: SPC
Year 12 Business Studies Trip — Image by: SPC