Principals Comment

Posted Thursday July 4, 2024

Kia ora e te whānau 

We are very pleased to award Wilson Borlase and Andrei Morus for their outstanding achievement in becoming the Whatukura students of St Peter's College. This is a significant accomplishment and a testament to their dedication, leadership, and commitment to Māori culture. As Whatukura students, Wilson and Andrei will assume important roles in upholding and promoting the values, traditions, and tikanga (customs) of our college. They will be ambassadors of Māori culture and play a crucial part in fostering a sense of whanaungatanga (kinship) among our students, staff, and wider community.

I am delighted to share with you the highlights of our annual Eisteddfod concert, an event that has once again showcased the incredible talent and dedication of our students and staff. This year's Eisteddfod was nothing short of spectacular. From the opening prayer to the final curtain call, our students delivered performances that were both inspiring and heartwarming. Whether it was through music, dance, or dramatic arts, each performance reflected the hard work and passion our students have poured into their preparations. 

Our instrumentalists played with precision and emotion, bringing pieces to life with a depth of understanding beyond their years. The dancers moved with grace and energy, captivating the audience with their choreography and enthusiasm. Our speech students brought stories to the stage with compelling performances that were both entertaining and thought-provoking. Every act, every performance, was a testament to the talent and commitment of our students.

I would like to extend my huge thanks to the staff members who played a crucial role in making this event a success, including Mr Brendan Terry, Ms Amy-Rae Rooijackers and Ms Victoria Kelly. Your dedication to nurturing and guiding our students is evident in the quality of the performances we witnessed. To our music, dance, and drama teachers, thank you for your tireless efforts in training and mentoring our students. Your passion for the arts and commitment to excellence has undoubtedly inspired them to achieve their best and this is something very special that you do not often see at other schools.

A special thank you also goes to the support staff who worked behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly, including the awesome photography from Mr Borom Blakie. From setting up the stage to managing the technical aspects of the performances, your hard work and attention to detail did not go unnoticed. It is because of your collective efforts that we were able to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all who attended.

To our whānau, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Your involvement and enthusiasm are vital to the success of our students, and we are grateful for the role you play in their educational journey.

And finally, to our incredible students: you have made us all very proud. Your talent, hard work, and dedication were evident in every performance. Keep striving for excellence, and continue to share your gifts with the world.

The annual Eisteddfod concert is a cherished tradition at our school, and this year's event has added another memorable chapter to its legacy. We look forward to many more years of celebrating the arts and the wonderful talents of our students.

As we come to the end of this term, we wish Ms Gabrielle Brenssell all the best as she goes on maternity leave for the remainder of the year. We will be welcoming past pupil Maegan Mitchell back to fill in, in our Physical Education Department, and Ms Melany Sheat, our recent student teacher, to fill in for Food Technology.

I will away in Australia these holidays with our First XV and I would like to thank Ms Dana Turnbull and Mr Ben Sanson for helping to organise this trip and thank all of our families, caregivers and for supporting this amazing opportunity. Please contact Deputy Principal, Mr Darren Jack for any emergencies over the holidays by emailing

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