Welcome to Mark Presley, Teacher of Digital Technology and Graphics.

Posted Tuesday June 6, 2023

A Yorkshireman, born a long time ago in a country far far away. My spiritual hometown is Doncaster, a heavy industry town, that in its prime could boast to be the birthplace of the Mallard and the Flying Scotsman, two of the greatest steam trains ever built. I come from a very working-class background but showed enough brains at school to be encouraged to go to university, the first of my family to do so.

St. Peter's College is the fourth catholic school that I have had the honour to teach in. I arrive from John Paul College in Rotorua, but have also taught at The Holy Family School and the St. John Fisher School in the UK. During my long career I have usually held the position of Head of Department, or Head of Faculty, and even for a while Head of Year, so I have plenty of experience behind me. I first taught DGT, or ICT as it was called at the time, to 128 students with four computers, but that was enough to get me hooked, and I have been involved with computers ever since, nearly 30 years.

My family are still in Rotorua, and hopefully will be joining me in the holidays. My wife is a Teacher Aide, my son is studying ‘Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence’ and my daughter left school at the start of the year and is working, trying to save some money.  


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