Ordering of Sustainable Period Products.

Posted Thursday July 27, 2023

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As the trial of sustainable period products comes to an end if any whānau did not order their supplies of either cups or pants please email Louise Grogan with the size and amount required. The cups come in 2 sizes, size 1 would be suitable for most pupils. Size 2 would be for those with a particularly heavy flow. The pants come in XS - size 8, Small - size 10, Medium size 12, Large - Size 14 and XL - size 16. They are a generous cut so please be aware of this when ordering. 

All orders need to be in by Wednesday August 2nd. Also reminding all whānau that there is a supply of pads and tampons available for pupils to take home. These are at the Office. If a pupil finds it difficult to ask, please email me and I will arrange a discreet package for them. louisegrogan@stpetergore.school.nz