Virtually There Cultural Lunch

Posted Wednesday March 27, 2024

In our 'Virtually There' English course, we are travelling the world from the comfort of our classrooms. Each Year 11 has a specific country to research; each week we have been exploring different parts of our countries and adding to our portfolios of writing or visual presentations.

Last week we researched national foods, so this week we had a shared lunch where every student brought a food from their assigned country. Baklava from Egypt, crepes from Norway, brigadeiros from Brazil, and bratwurst from Germany were only some of the delicious contributions to our cultural smorgasbord.

It was fantastic to have several parents join us to celebrate the amazing diversity of culture and food that God has created in our world. We can't wait to see where our virtual travels will take us next!

Lee-Anne Kortbaoui and Laura Thomas, English Teachers