Young Farmers Skills Day ??

Posted Saturday September 19, 2020

The organising committee (Laura Heads, Emily Irwin, Adriana Evans, Nicola Mitchell, Olivia Shanks, and Maegan Mitchell) did a fantastic job of planning, setting up, running modules, and ensuring everything ran smoothly; the term's worth of work certainly paid off.

Thank you to Ravensdown and New Holland for supporting this event, along with Warren Ross, Garth Shanks, Bridget Henderson, and Rebecca Heads for running modules, and Janine Heads for letting us use her farm. We look forward to putting these skills to the test in the competition next year.

Laura Thomas, SPC YFC Teacher in charge 

On Saturday we had a Young Farmers Skills Day at Waimumu. We did all sorts of things from shearing to cooking. My favourite activity was the cooking. We made a pancake with only our non-dominant hand and put marshmallows as well as chocolate in it. The pancake was very big, and it was not cooked, so we threw it away. The day was a lot of fun.
— James Mitchell, 9MM

On Saturday, an inter-school skills day was held at the Heads' farm in Waimumu. The skills day was filled with heaps
of fun and we learned about different team building challenges. There were nine stations all focusing on different parts of farming like seeds, weeds, farm machinery, crutching sheep, and trust challenges. We got split into groups with different students from different schools and worked with them to complete the challenges. I had a blast meeting new people and learning new skills.
— Grace Abernethy 7JB 


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