Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’

Posted Friday June 14, 2024

Last night the Year 10 & 11 Performing Arts class travelled to Dunedin to attend "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare.

The performance was held in the former church building now known as Hanover Hall and, given this is about survivors of a shipwreck, the building was set out like a ship. The audience had the choice of sitting port or starboard with the performance taking place on the floor, on the altar and in the gallery.

While it held true to the original text and lyrics, contemporary music, stunning costumes and physical theatre were added.

The audience were welcomed by mariners and jesters and also got to be a part of the performance by singing along to a sea shanty, waving butterflies (a symbol of freedom), using phone torches when a candle was held up, clapping, and dancing.

It was fantastic to be able to see and hear Shakespeare and the conventions of Elizabethan theatre form live! This was a truly memorable experience!