Year 8 Camp: Camp Columba

Posted Wednesday November 22, 2023

This year for Year 8 Camp, Deep Cove was unfortunately cancelled because of landslides. So, our Year 8 Dean, Mrs Wilson, and our Deputy Principal, Mrs Jackson, organised a replacement camp at Camp Columba. Some of the fun activities we did were archery, abseiling, kayaking, raft building, team Initiative, orienteering and high ropes. There were so many amazing things that we did, and we all had so much fun. The most popular activity the Year 8’s liked, was kayaking. We would also like to thank these people because without them this camp wouldn’t be possible: Mrs Jackson, Mrs Wilson, Justine Abernathy, Zane Langford, Jamie Chittock, Anthony Shackell, Ms. Burrows, Mr. Sollano, Donna Wilkins, Charlotte Harder, Brendan White, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Abraham Byars & Mrs Sinclair. We also want to give a big thank you to Camp Columba and their staff for hosting our school at their camp.