Arohanui Award

Posted Thursday May 2, 2024

Bryden Young

Last term this student gave us all such an amazing example of doing something quite small but without being asked, and for no personal reward. It left such an impression on the staff member who noticed it, that they decided to nominate him for the Arohanui award. This is what happened.

During a school assembly last term, one student accidentally tracked a muddy mess on the bottom of their shoes into the games room. Lots of people noticed it and moved away. A brush and shovel was collected and sat at the side of the room for it to be cleaned up at the end of assembly. Bryden Young was not the one who made the mess and was just seated waiting for assembly to start like so many others. Maybe Bryden simply saw what needed to be done, maybe he didn't like the thought of our cleaners having to deal with it later if it was forgotten about. Whatever the reason and without even looking around or being asked, he simply grabbed the brush and shovel and cleaned it up right away so though no-one else would spread the mess further. At the end of the assembly, he just carried on with his day like normal.

This showed amazing compassion, and community care for not only people in the room but others in our community as well. Well done Bryden; congratulations and thank you!

Hannah Hargest

An email from a grateful parent:

Today our precious year 7 daughter was running from school to the bus and tripped and fell scraping her knees and hands quite bad. She was helped and looked after by a older student from school, Hannah Hargest. Hannah helped her back up and walked her to the bus and kept her company by talking to her, and made her feel a lot better and made sure she got on the right bus and she had the help on there she needed. Could you please pass on our sincerest gratitude to Hannah from my husband and I. We are so thankful Hannah was there and helped the way she did. Without her help I'm sure our daughter would have felt all alone and much worse. What a special kind caring role model for St Peter's Hannah is, and she should be extremely proud of her actions today. She is a true credit to your school. This has made us feel so humbled that our daughter is part of such a kind inclusive school.

Well done Hannah,

Thank you and congratulations.