Posted Monday October 9, 2023

In the first week of the holidays we had the following students up in Christchurch representing Southland at the South Island Under 15 Hockey Tournament. It was a fantastic festival of hockey and our students played some great hockey, learnt a lot and had heaps of fun.

Girls Southland Gold

Ava Wiegersma
Maddie Sanson
Taysha Chittock
Maia Petterson
Sara Aynsley
Stella Clarkson
Coached by Vince Aynsley

Girls Southland Maroon

Courtney White
Isla Hailes

Boys Southland Gold

Nate Davis
Ross Shanks
Coached by George Hedley

Boys Southland Maroon

Lachie Gray
Olivier Gray
Flynn McDermott
Jud Duffy
Harrison Mackereth
Cooper Taylor