Posted Thursday September 14, 2023

We appreciate all the payments received to date for student school accounts, particularly those for the items listed as donations. Many of our subject donations include trips and camps and providing these to our school community is heavily reliant on these donations being paid by parents/caregivers towards the expenses of organising these. Without financial donations for each attending student, the school would not be able to provide the outdoor experiences in our amazing own backyard that we have always had the privilege of being able to undertake.

Any donation paid to school can be partially claimed back from Inland Revenue at the end of the financial year. You can also claim back on previous years donations payments. Please find further information on eligibility at

Each time you make a payment to your KAMAR school account you will receive an emailed receipt. This will not have the correct information required for Inland Revenue purposes as it does not have an official signature. If you would like a tax donation receipt, please contact the Executive Office and we will generate one for you from KAMAR that will have the required information needed for you to claim back. Please indicate which year you require a receipt for.

If you are requesting a previous year’s tax donation receipt from Edge we will need to generate these manually and they will be in a different format than KAMAR. Due to the manual nature of previous years receipts, we appreciate your patience while we prepare these.

Paula Robertson
Business Manager