Principal's Comment

Posted Thursday October 26, 2023

Kia ora e te whanau

Last night our Cultural and Arts Eisteddfod festival was held at the St James Theatre. It was a night of sheer brilliance, where the extraordinary talents of our students were on full display. The evening was a testament to the creativity, dedication, and hard work of our young performers, showcasing their skills in speech, duet, solo singing, dance, poetry, and instrumental music.

The Eisteddfod festival not only celebrates the arts but also nurtures the spirit of creativity and camaraderie among our students. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm and passion with which our participants took the stage, exuding confidence and grace in every performance. From the youngest performers to our seasoned seniors, each act was a shining example of the diverse talents that flourish within the walls of St Peter’s College.

The festival commenced with captivating speeches, followed by mesmerizing duets and soul-stirring solo singing performances. The dance routines were a feast for the eyes, displaying elegance and precision. The poetry recitations moved the audience with their depth and emotion, while the instrumental performances resonated with skill and artistry. Every act was a masterpiece, a result of months of practice, dedication, and the guidance of our talented teachers and coaches.

The highlight of the evening was the final performance by our Year 13 students. It was a bittersweet moment, marking the culmination of their journey through the school and their last Eisteddfod performance as St Peter’s College students. Their humorous performance left us all giggling in our seats, reminding us of the incredible talent and resilience that define our students.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated teachers, whose unwavering support and mentorship have helped our students reach new heights of excellence - in particular Brendan Terry, Laura Thomas, Victoria Kelly, Lee-Anne Kortbaoui and Rebecca Chittock. I also extend my thanks to the parents and families who have supported our young performers throughout their artistic endeavours.

As a Catholic school, we believe in nurturing not only the minds but also the spirits of our students. Events like the Eisteddfod festival remind us of the beauty and creativity that are gifts from God. They inspire us to appreciate the talents of others and recognise the importance of arts in enriching our lives. In the spirit of gratitude and celebration, let us continue to encourage and support the artistic pursuits of our students. Together, as a community, we can foster a love for the arts and empower our young talents to shine even brighter in the future.

May God bless you all and may the echoes of last night's performances continue to inspire us in the days to come.

Next week is our last week for senior students before they go on study leave. We have our Year 12 Retreat on Monday at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament all day, and this is an opportunity to come together and farewell those leaving to go on to study or the work force and to prepare for the leadership journey of those staying through to Year 13. We have our last full school assembly on Tuesday, October 31st, at 12:15pm, where we will go through NZQA procedures for seniors for their external examinations, recognise and take photos of the recent Blues recipients, give out Duke of Edinburgh awards and then we will return to whanau time for senior farewells and to watch the Eisteddfod video entries. On Wednesday we have our Leavers Mass and all Year 13’s and all Year 12’s who have submitted their leavers forms will be farewelled. This will be followed by some fun sports activities at the MLT later in the afternoon involving Year 7’s, Year 13’s and staff, with all remaining students watching in the stands. Wednesday is the final school day for senior students at school but

tutorials and study sessions will continue throughout the examination period for those who need them.

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