Principal's Comment

Posted Thursday October 12, 2023

Kia ora e te whanau

A big welcome back to Term 4. Although the term break may now feel like a distant memory, it is great to see students and staff back at school and reconnecting with their friends, peers and colleagues as we quickly fall back into routine. It was pleasing to see at our Year 10 Parent Information Evening such a good turn out of parents and students interested in the next step of their academic journey.

As we now have time together to reflect on the recent challenges we faced due to the unfortunate flood that impacted our school, I am filled with gratitude for the unwavering support and generosity demonstrated by our incredible community. It is during times of adversity that the strength of our community truly shines, reminding us of the kindness and compassion that exists within our midst. In the face of adversity, our school community rallied together with a spirit of resilience and determination. The flood may have temporarily disrupted our daily lives, but it did not dampen our collective resolve. Teachers, students, parents, and staff worked tirelessly to restore normalcy, demonstrating remarkable strength and unity.

Maintaining a positive outlook in challenging times is essential, and I am proud to say that our school community did just that. We faced the situation with optimism, focusing on the opportunities for growth and learning that come with overcoming obstacles. Through our positive attitudes and unwavering faith, we have emerged stronger and more united than ever before. Ensuring compliance with safety protocols and procedures was paramount as we worked to restore our school ready for the new term. The cooperation and understanding exhibited by everyone involved was truly commendable. Parents, students, and staff members diligently followed guidelines, contributing significantly to the swift and safe restoration of our school environment. Your commitment to compliance and cooperation is deeply appreciated.

Every term in a school year is busy, but during Term 4 the school environment is abuzz as students are choosing options for the following year and are excited about new opportunities. Students working towards their NCEA qualifications are completing Internal Assessments, crunching their credit counts and preparing for their external examinations. On top of this, celebrations and acknowledgements are being arranged and are beginning to take place with dinners, lunches, assemblies and Prize Giving all being planned now.

To our senior students, we wish them well in their preparations for their final NCEA examinations but ask that as parents you are aware that your son or daughter may need support with their organisation, prioritisation and overall time management as they balance their extracurricular activities, jobs and academic responsibilities. Please, have ‘check in’ conversations and if you or your child needs support or guidance from the College in this regard, reach out.

To our junior students, I would like to remind them that through their participation in school, by being involved in various activities and opportunities, they will develop the skills and attributes to be equipped and empowered to pursue their own personal excellence and will be prepared to challenge and shape their futures. So please encourage your son or daughter to make the most of this final term of 2023.

We wish all of our community the very best, and we ask for God’s blessing on a successful term.

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