Rugby Round Up

Posted Thursday August 10, 2023

Last week we acknowledged two of our Progressive Livestock First XV players who were awarded their rugby pins.

Batt relished the opportunity to embrace rugby as he joined SPC as an exchange student a few years ago now. We relied on him when our numbers were down, and he has been a supportive member of this group. Batt has grown as a player and continues to experience all things rugby during his kiwi adventure.

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

Home grown lad Jake had an awesome season last year and unfortunately missed the start of this season as he was recovering from a motorbike accident. It has been awesome to have him back on deck and he certainly makes a significant impact every time he has the ball. Jake only knows one way - that’s straight up the middle!

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers

Thanks to you both for your contribution to SPC rugby.

 Our SPC rugby community would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Burke and the Progressive Livestock team. Your generous sponsorship has been magnificent to our First XV space over the years. Thank you so very much! 

Image by: Amy-Rae Rooijackers