Therapy dog in school trial

Posted Thursday February 22, 2024

Our College Board has given permission for us to trial having a therapy dog in our school this term. Here are some helpful links if you are interested in the benefits of this in schools:

“Hi my name is Bruce. I have recently passed all the tests to be accredited as a St John's therapy dog. Your younger siblings might have spoken about me visiting and doing some reading with them at St Mary's.

Our College Board has agreed to trialling having Bruce in our school too. You might see him hanging out in Mrs Sanson's office, or on a lead around the school. He may even visit some classrooms, but don't worry - we will always keep him on a lead and students will be spoken with before he visits any classrooms.

If you have any questions or want to say "Hi", pop in to Mrs Sanson's office - you'll see a sign saying what days Bruce is around if you want to meet him, or prefer to avoid him.

Bruce is super friendly; he may even give you a high five! A good tip is to approach him one at a time, and calmly let him sniff your hand first before giving him a good old pat.”

Please email any feedback on this trial to