‘Walking in the footsteps of a Soldier’

Posted Wednesday June 21, 2023

Have you ever thought about what it was like to live in the time of War? Well, this term all Year 7’s and Year 8’s have had the opportunity to ‘Walk in the footsteps of a Soldier’. Students have been reading and learning about some amazing stories of New Zealanders who fought in War.

As part of this, students have been reliving past war times by creating a care package to a chosen soldier who fought in WW1 or WW2.

Below are two care packages from year 7 students.

Lilly Gemmil (7S)

I chose to send my parcel to Great Grandad Sid, He fought in WW2 in North Africa, Italy and Egypt for a while. When he went to war he got part of his ear shot off trying to save people so because of that he won the military medal of bravery. Great Grandad Sid survived WW2 and died in 2006. For this project I added the following care items:

1. Big fluffy sock to keep his feet warm during the long cold nights.

2. An ANZAC coloured scarf.

3. A deck of playing cards from WW1 for the lonely nights.

4. A small New Testament Bible.

5. A small box with paper, pencil and small rubbers in it for notes or small doodles.

6. A wedding photo of my relatives who got married during WW2.

7. An old packet of M&M for a treat when times were not so great.

8. Finally, my Letter to my Great Grandad Sid. Note- To replicate the olden day times I used my brothers typewriter and then soaked the letter in tea for an oldish look. I used the typewriter again and put the address on, then I used a stamp from my Mum and Dad's stamp collection and glued a stamp on the front.

Creative English Articles — Image by: SPC
Creative English Articles — Image by: SPC

Tomas Kortbaoui (7S)

Creative English Articles — Image by: SPC

I chose to send my parcel to my great Uncle Tom, who fought in WW2. He went off to War when he was in his early 20’s. He left New Zealand and was captured in Egypt in 1941. He was then sent to a Prisoner of War Work Camp in Germany where he remained until the War was over in 1945. This Work Camp was different to a Concentration Camp.

As part of this task, I decided to send Uncle Tom the following items:

- an old smoking pipe as smoking was common during those years.

- a pair of socks for warmth.

- a pack of matches for lighting.

- a shaving razor to look sharp.

- a candle for light.

- a collection of pennies

- a needle and thread for mending.

- a letter written by me from the perspective of his sister Chrissie to help him keep his spirits up in war time.

- an old fashioned block of chocolate to have when wanting sweets.

- a bible for keeping faith in God.

- rosary beads for praying.

Interestingly, my Great Uncle Tom was freed after the War ended and returned home to Dunedin where he died in his 80’s of pneumonia. 

Creative English Articles — Image by: SPC
Creative English Articles — Image by: SPC