International Women's Day 2024

Posted Thursday March 14, 2024

On Tuesday, 12th March, Mrs. Ryan, the female representatives of the Student Executive and I went down to the Gore Racecourse restaurant to attend the International Women's Day dinner. The dinner was hosted by the Soroptimists International Organisation of Gore. There was a guest speaker for the night, Kathrine Barr, who has been working in Burkina Faso for the last six years. During the evening we learnt so much about life in this West African country and the challenges faced by women and girls in their culture. This was a truly eye-opening experience which helped us understand how privileged we are, and made us very grateful for the lives we live. We are all very appreciative for the opportunity to be able to attend this dinner, and we came away with a whole new perspective on the way women and girls live in other cultures. 

By Eve Mckenzie
Head Girl