Principal's Comment

Posted Thursday May 23, 2024

Kia ora e te whānau

And just like that, week 4 of Term 2 draws to a close. Over the past week there have been many things happening in and around the college. Last Friday we had Pink Shirt Day, and the focus was not to be on the negatives of bullying, instead on how we must have the courage to be an upstander rather than a bystander. Conversations and education around bullying are important and align with our school values of Commitment, Community and Compassion. Respect for human dignity, and in this instance, helping students to learn to act in a way that ensures others do not feel bullied. We hope through the activities and messaging that all of our students gained the courage to stand up and do the right thing, be an upstander, and tell a trusted adult if they or someone else is being bullied. It is really important that us, as adults are role models to our children and show them how to be upstanders too. Calling out inappropriate behaviours and saying, “Hey, that is not ok,” is important for us all as Christians.

This week was super special with our community coming together to recognise the bravery, resilience and tenacity of the students on the Waipahi bus who the week before had halted the potential for a very serious traffic incident. In particular, our heroes were Charlotte Davie, who received both an Arohanui Award and a commendation from the Police for her life-saving actions on the school bus last week. Additionally, Luke and Oliver Davie and James Chalmers were honoured with Arohanui Awards for their quick thinking and courage. We are immensely proud of all the students on the bus that day for handling the situation with such remarkable composure and courage.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge many of our students who received badges for either Commitment, Community or Compassion this week at our year level assemblies. Each term our staff nominate students for showing these values in their actions around the school. When young people attend St Peter’s College, our vision is that they will receive an education with opportunities that will see them empowered to challenge and shape the future. Our hope is that they will live by our Mercy and Rosminian values and these awards recognise our young people who have embraced and live by Commitment, Community and Compassion. Well done to you all.

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