Year 13 Argibusiness and Foods class

Posted Thursday June 20, 2024

On Wednesday, June 19th, the ladies from our Year 13 Agribusiness and Foods class attended the Beef and Lamb Ladies Long Lunch. We heard from business owners that have an agricultural background, including Kate Acland, the Chair of Beef and Lamb and owner of Mt Somers Station; Kate Cocks and Latisha McMurray equity owners and creators of Mt Nicholas station and Merino; Kristy McGregor, founder of Shepherdess magazine; Liz Hayes creator of Nest Treehouses, and Brodie Kane as a guest speaker. All these speakers had different stories about their life and many ideas on creating businesses that were innovative and new to the market. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch of NZ beef and lamb. My main takeaway from the day was to not be scared of failure and just give anything a go because what’s there to lose. A massive thank you to Mrs Delahunt, Mrs Perniskie and Mrs Perkins for organising this for us. I know we all enjoyed it.