Start of Year Kamar Statements

Posted Thursday February 22, 2024

Kamar school accounts will be emailed today. These will show any outstanding chargeable items from last year and any items added to date this year. It does not include any start of year subject or donation charges for 2024. These will be added to student accounts in March and statements will be issued again at that time.

The start of year subject donations and cost forms were not mailed out at the end of last year with all the usual paperwork, as per last year to align with our new KAMAR student management system.

If you have outstanding items and balances from last year, these are overdue and require immediate payment. These will be for sport and uniform and as such, are goods and expenses already purchased and paid for by the school, and we would appreciate payment please.

We encourage regular payments/instalments to school, and these will be allocated to school accounts to either pay off outstanding amounts or put the student account into credit. Please use the below bank details for payments:

St Peter’s College BOT
Ref: Student’s name

Paula Robertson
Business Manager