Principal's Comment

Posted Thursday March 14, 2024

Kia ora e te whānau,

It was exciting this week to have so many students participate in the Southland Secondary Athletics competition on Saturday. It was a great day where all students competed in good heart and spirit. 2024 is off to an excellent start with many sports and extra-curricula activities being able to be offered again. Netball, Basketball and Rugby trials have started. Hockey is about to take off and we are looking forward to hosting this year’s Catholic School’s Quad Tournament on the weekend of April 7th and 8th. With many more teams, we are looking for coaches and managers for all codes, if you can volunteer some time, please email

Over the past few weeks, it has been fulfilling to see many students involved with education outside the classroom activities like the Duke of Edinburgh camps, the Biology trip to Grants Bush and the Year 12 Surf Camp in Colac Bay. Each activity included a range of activities and experiences where all students in attendance were able to have the opportunity to encounter learning opportunities that ultimately will assist them in developing their confidence, leadership, resilience, self-awareness, empathy and self-esteem.

The planning, preparation and time that goes into education outside the classroom experiences, such as these events, involves a number of people. I would like to extend a huge thank you to all involved. To those initially involved in the planning, booking of venues, activities, and transportation, to those involved in ensuring health and safety regulations are met, and to the staff and parents who attended the activities and supported our young people throughout their time, thank you. Your time, work and dedication to providing and supporting these experiences is greatly appreciated. I also wish to acknowledge and thank parents who supported their children to participate. We understand that education outside the classroom activities and events do bear a financial cost. So, thank you; thank you for trusting us and supporting these experiences.

These first few weeks have also seen many Special Character events take place which are the heart and soul of what we are about. These have included PLD for staff on our history and community, a Commissioning Mass for us and St Mary’s Primary School staff, our Opening whole school Mass, Rosmini House Opening Mass and Ash Wednesday liturgy. A team of students and staff work behind the scenes and on the day to ensure the success of these days. To those involved, thank you for your contribution as these events bring our school community together and highlight the house and school spirit that makes our St Peter’s culture unique and special.

As we are now over halfway through the term, students’ school and extracurricular schedules are getting busier. While it is pleasing to see the involvement of our young people in activities, in and around the College, I also ask that you please check in and support them in finding a balance between their extracurricular, leisure activities and schoolwork. If at any point you are unsure or think they may require some support, whether that be sitting down with their Dean, career or guidance counsellors, do not hesitate to reach out.

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